A brief guide to whisking

Whisking is a miraculous way of mixing that allows you to turn liquids into creams and stiff peaks. It’s really marvelous! Whisking only requires you to move your whisk swiftly through the mixture until it changes form. There are several stages to whisking, but the two most popular are soft peaks and stiff peaks. This is a simple technique that can easily be ruined by over whisking, which will cause the liquid to separate back into it’s natural form.

Soft Peaks
When whipping egg whites for something like a meringue. Begin by getting the egg whites frothy. This happens when air is introduced to the mix. After the frothy stage, as you continue to whisk, the mixture will form soft rivulets. The mixture will begin to keep the shape of how you are moving. Eventually you will have soft peaks. To test for this, lift your whisk upright and look for peaks where the tips fold over. Continue whisking if your mixture is still too liquidy.
Stiff peaks
When you are at the soft peak stage, continue whisking to create stiff peaks. The more you whisk your mixture, the thicker it will become. Stop and lift your whisks and see if the peaks stand upright. If this happens, you have successfully created stiff peaks. While all of this may seem complicated, it’s actually quite simple, and with just a bit of practice, you’ll be a master whipper!

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