Properly measuring ingredients for baking

Baking is often considered by some to be a science because it requires such precise measurements. While it isn’t that important to be exactly correct with every single ingredient you add into your mixture, it’s essential to pay attention to how you measure your core ingredients. Here are some techniques that will ensure you are successful at whatever it is you decide to bake.
Measuring in cups
When your recipe calls for cups of something, you need to use the scoop and scrape method for accurate measuring. Use a measuring cup to dig into the ingredients and get the amount that you need. Use a knife to scrape the top of the cup and remove any of the excess powder. You can also do this with your finger if you don’t mind getting messy! After you have done this you will be left with perfectly measured ingredients that are ready to be tipped into your bowl.
Packed sugar
There are some recipes that may call for you to use packed in sugar. Use your measuring cup to scoop out the amount of sugar that you need. Use the knife to scrape away the extra, and your hands to pat the sugar into the cup. Now you should have firmly packed in sugar to be tipped into your bowl.

A heaped spoon
Use a spoon to dig deep into your ingredients and scoop as much as you can onto it. When you pull your spoon out you should be left with a mound. This is a heaped spoon.

A level spoon
Like before , dig your spoon into your ingredients and get as much as you can on to it. Now shake your spoon or use a knife to level out all of the extra. You now have a level spoon.

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