Folding ingredients. What does it even mean!?

Often you’ll come across the word folding when you are reading a baking recipe. If you are new at baking then this term can cause some confusion. Basically, folding is a method of mixing in order to keep as much air in the mixture as possible. For example, meringue is a dish that requires a lot of air, but if you need to add flavor, you must be sure to do so without removing the air from the mixture. The key to folding a mixture is to go slow and reach to bottom of the bowl to make sure you are incorporating all of your ingredients. Follow these instructions in order to correctly fold all of your ingredients.

First put all of your ingredients to the side of your airy mixture. If you throw all of the ingredients on top you may push all of the air out and that would defeat the purpose of the folding.

Now use a big spoon to scoop all around the sides of the mixture until you get to where you started. When you have reached this point, slowly lift up your spoon and bring it toward the center.

Next you will use the spoon to cut through the center of the mixture and repeat the move where you scoop and lift. Cutting through the middle means that you will get all areas mixed.

This is a slow process, so be patient and continue to repeat the steps. It may be tempting to start to stir at this point, but doing so will ruin your mixture. Eventually your mixture will begin to come together and you’ll be left with a light concoction.